Zimpex Luxury Kitchen Sink with Digital Display and Waterfall Design


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The kitchen sink features dual sliding bars, enabling the draining basket and cutting board to be moved freely. Instantly turn your kitchen sink to a double sink, no need to struggle to choose between single or double. 

Combined with a waterfall spout, ideal for various usage scenarios. Featuring 5 modes, for cutting, washing, and cleaning all in one: slicing water outlet, waist spray water outlet, water column outlet, pull-out cleaning mode, and waterfall outlet mode. 

Comes with a built-in soap dispenser, making cleaning easy and efficient. Equipped with a soap container that can be squeezed at any time to clean dishes, saving both time and effort.

Newly designed function, featuring a waterfall outlet mode. Pressing the piano key allows for easy cleaning and rinsing of vegetables to prevent splashing.

The high-tech ambiance lighting, which is soft and gentle, enhances the stylish atmosphere and prevents aesthetic fatigue.

Double-decker duplex track, versatile and multifunctional. Saves kitchen space, is easy to clean, and can be arranged according to your preference.
A high-pressure cup washer is a time and labor-saving. Simply press down to clean, no need for electricity, a new helper for cleaning.

Cold and hot dual-control handle, modes can be switched by turning the left or right knob. Turn left for hot water and right for cold water.

Tabletop drainage design, protects hands and keeps them clean. Reduces the need to manually lift the drain cover and minimizes contact with dirty water for convenient and hygienic use.

Right-positioned drain outlet, making drainage more convenient. Utensils are less likely to block the drain outlet, which slows down the flow of water and avoids the accumulation of large amounts of residue, making cleaning easier.

Honeycomb embossed design, durable and easy to clean. Upgraded honeycomb pattern with a denser arrangement that is less likely to stick to oil and dirt, making it easy to clean with just one rinse.

The corner drain design optimizes the use of cabinet space. Right-angle drain on the right side to increase the usable space under the sink.

Three installation methods: above-counter installation, mid-counter installation, and under-counter installation. Choose according to preference and specific circumstances. Saves kitchen space, is easy to clean, and is flexible in combination.

Product Parameter
Item No: Z23
Sink size: 750*460mm/ 29.53*18.11 inch
Sink depth: 220mm/ 8.66 inch
Plate thickness: 3mm / 0.12 inch
Material: 304 stainless steel with nano-coating
Color: Black
Three installation methods: above-counter installation, mid-counter installation, and under-counter installation.
Hole size for above-counter installation
720*430mm/ 28.35*16.93 inch
Hole size for under-counter installation
recommended to be cut on site

We offer a 6 months warranty. Within this period, if there are any quality issues with the product, we will replace it with a new one for major components, and provide replacement parts for small accessories.

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